Travaco Marine-Tex Epoxy Putty Repair Kit, White, Gallon. Versatile epoxy repair product for a wide variety of repairsMarine-Tex is a heavy-duty structural epoxy that should be part of every boat owner's arsenal of repair essentials. Have an aluminum, fiberglass or wooden boat With Marine-Tex, you can repair a damaged hull, reinstall loose or stripped fasteners, permanently bond dissimilar metals without galvanic corrosion, fix leaks in fuel tanks, water tanks (it's not rated for potable water repairs), piping and engine blocks, plus fill gouges in wood, metal, fiberglass and gelcoat. The repaired areas are actually stronger than before they were damaged! Marine-Tex is also an excellent choice for repairing problem areas located below the waterline.This high-strength compound is designed to fill, bond and rebuild wood, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, metal, masonry and even many plastics. The harsh demands of marine and industrial environments are no match for Marine-Tex, and once you discover how easy it is to make repairs, you'll probably find a lot more uses for it around your home, your vehicles and a wide range of hobbies. Handles like putty. Hardens like steel. Sands like wood.Since it has a creamy paste consistency, you can apply Marine-Tex on vertical or horizontal surfaces, easily fill gaps, and even shape it to rebuild damaged components. Waterproof repairs can be made with fiberglass tape or cloth to bridge holes and reinforce structural repairs as needed. This simple two-part epoxy repair kit can make emergency or permanent repairs to machinery and equipment so you can stay on the water and out of the shop. Marine-Tex can be sanded or ground to shape, tapped and drilled, and finished with most common paints and coatings. Plus, it is resistant to water, gasoline, diesel and many chemicals like common acids, alkalies and hydrocarbons.Color ChoicesGray is recommended for machinery repairsWhite can be tinted with coloring agents for fiberglass and wood applicationsCoverage2oz. kit: 17 square inches at 1/8" thick14oz. kit: 124 square inches at 1/8" thickMaximum applied thickness: 1 1/2"ConsistencyWhen mixed, Marine-Tex is a thick, creamy, no-sag putty that is easily applied to most surfaces.Pot Life (working time)Marine-Tex is workable for 30 minutes at 72F if

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