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Image of HydroWave H2 Fish Attractor

HydroWave H2 Fish Attractor

Ignite a feeding frenzy with the HydroWave H2 Fish Attractor. Underwater speaker system produces a low-frequency tactile sound transmission that mimics the pressure, vibration and sound made by both feeding and distressed fish, giving bass and other freshwater...

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Image of HydroWave Ice Mini

HydroWave Ice Mini

Communicate with the primary sensory systems of game fish in a way thats similar to bait via HydroWaves Ice Mini designed specifically for ice anglers. This waterproof, shock-resistant underwater sound system emits the sounds of a predatory fish enaged...

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Image of HydroWave Mini Electric Feeding Stimulator

HydroWave Mini Electric Feeding Stimulator

Get those fish biting with the HydroWave Mini Electric Feeding Stimulator. At just under 1 lb., this completely portable, high-quality submersible speaker system uses lateral and vertical reactive technology to stimulate the subdermal bones and lateral...

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